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The goal of the game, Keys to the Capitals, is to collect the most Key Cards.

  • Each player starts at their home state capital and draws a Key Card at the start of their first turn. This Key Card (or any other active Key Card that the player may have) becomes the player’s destination. This Key Card should only be seen by the card’s owner and may remain face down.
  • At the start of each turn, the player rolls two special effect dice and two numbered dice. If the player rolls matching special effect icons, the special effect takes place immediately. The player then moves their game token equal to the number of spaces they rolled.
  • Once the player’s game token reaches the destination on their Key Card, the player secures that Key Card, and the Key Card cannot be stolen. The player immediately draws another Key Card. In the event of a tie, the player with the Key to their home state capital wins.

Board games are an excellent way of representing the real-life situations in the form of themes and narratives. We provide Keys to the Capitals Board Game, which is not just a fun game, but will also assist you in learning the names of the states and the capitals. The players attempt to collect as many keys to the capitals as possible. In Keys to the Capitals, when a player reaches the destination of a state card in the their hand, the player receives that key among the Keys to the Capitals. In the case of tie, a player is declared the winner who has the state capital key of the home state. Keys to the Capitals is gaining huge prominence and attraction for the game enthusiasts. Keys to the Capitals has also generated a lot of enthusiasm in families and playing is bringing them together. We are confident and assure you that Keys to the Capitals will lead the educational board market. Keys to the Capitals will become a buzz phrase at all corners of the globe. We highly encourage and recommend that you to try Keys to the Capitals and be part of the user community of this game. Please share on social media and allow us to educate and bring joy to your family and friends!

Fun and Educational Board Games in California, New York, Texas, Illinois and many more

Can you name all the state capitals? How about your own state capital?

Most of us have forgotten or do not know most of all the state capitals. There are even some who can’t even name their home state capital.

It’s really not that easy to remember all 50 state capitals. But remembering and learning all of them is not impossible. It could even be more exciting and fun! How? By playing Keys To The Capitals!

Keys To The Capitals is a fun and educational board game which includes all 50 state capitals. Available in California, New York, Texas, Illinois and many more states, this educational board game will let you learn all the state capitals through fun and exciting board game instruction and rules.

The rules of the game are very simple. You can play it with your families and friends. This fun and educational board game is for children 7 and up. It can be played with 2 to 6 players at a time. And you can finish the game within 45 to 60 minutes. This game aims to improve your memory and learning skills while having fun.

So if you are looking for a learning activity that you can share with your whole family and friends, the Keys To The Capitals is a good choice.

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10% of all sales goes to Autism Speaks